When to review new employees

Recently I've done a lot of videos about recruiting for small businesses who want to do it themselves. This is a little tip to, I guess, set expectations with your new employee about how you're [...]

How to best onboard new employees on day 1

Recently I've done quite a few videos on recruiting for small businesses who want to recruit for themselves, and so this is an extension of this. This is a great tip.   If you've gone through the [...]

Getting customers to pay on time

Today I've got a little topic that came up with one of my customers which is really common. It is getting paid on time. This business is in the construction industry and it's the start of [...]

Time management tips for Trades

Sick of being busy and not getting ahead? Well join the club. This is a common theme in the construction and technical trades space so I think it’s time to do something about it. After all, [...]

Full cost plus work calculation

This is the last video in the three-part series on how to calculate cost plus work. In the previous two blogs and videos, the different parts of this calculation have been covered and this final [...]

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