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Most people who start a business, do so with a very good understanding of their trade. They are great plumbers, engineers, architects, accountants or builders. But they soon realise there is more to running a business than knowing their trade.

A brief history

Brought up on a family farm and Hugh went onto achieve degrees in Engineering and Business. Early on Hugh worked in technical areas with gold mines, specialist glass manufacturing and a raft of industrial and commercial industries after becoming expert in industrial refrigeration. Working as an industrial refrigeration contractor proved to a great learning opportunity only realised years later. As a small business contractor Hugh worked with many corporate customers, thankfully for Hugh many of these industries eg. agricultural based food production, dairy processing, wine production and more corporate construction projects, were of great interest to him, given his farming background.

This led to his first business ownership in the same refrigeration industry and then onto more corporate roles in a multi-national engineering consultant SKM, also Bluescope steel. With preference to working in small businesses, Hugh then moved into a startup technology business developing an energy saving technology for commercial cooling systems and sold it globally. In doing so attracted funding, managed boards, and applied for research and development grants. Selling out of that business in 2010 Hugh started ActionCOACH in 2011, but has concurrently owned or run three businesses including, Geelong Endocrinology, Burger Johnny and HNC Logistics.

Why do we coach?

Hugh has a vision, and that is to be the trusted and recognised “go to guy” in Geelong to help business owners grow their business either bigger, faster using less of their time, and love doing it!

Hugh’s vision is guided by his great grandfather Arthur Henry Bowman 1848 – 1957, who was a prominent Solicitor in Geelong and was heavily involved in many public affairs including the running the Geelong Football Club and initiating the building of the Geelong Hospital.

With Arthur’s large impact on Geelong, Hugh decided the best way he could influence wealth and prosperity to people in the Geelong region was to use his engineering and business skills to work with business owners over the long term to build wealth, train and employ more people.

Our experience.

When working with a business coach it’s reassuring to know your coach has the business experience to really help. There is a big difference between building a business based on theoretical knowledge than actual “learnt by doing” knowledge. Hugh started working for small business at an early age selling stock whips at the Hamilton sheep yards to businesses of all sizes ie. large industrial listed corporate companies to local farmers. In doing so learnt skills from a very young age the full gamut of employee, self employees, partners, director and investor.

Hugh’s working career has helped him develop strong technical and management skills, skills he has been able to apply when coaching businesses. Hugh helps his clients using experience in business management, financial structures, accounting, property investment, implementing systems, business planning and managing teams.

From a business coaching point of view Hugh has worked with businesses ranging from startups to forty man teams. The businesses have come from many varied industries including, plumbing, concrete, electrical, car/diesel mechanics, architecture, engineering, construction, podiatry, chiropractors, health, graphic design and many others.


Hugh Bowman

Action Coach Geelong Owner

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“Having a great coach will help design, implement, and adapt a plan for your business to a far higher degree than you have ever achieved before by yourself. Whether you want more time, more money, or a business that works without you, contact me today and lets get started.”

Hugh Bowman

ActionCoach – Geelong’s No#1 Business Coach

Key Facts about Hugh

  • Has owned successful businesses in health, hospitality, and construction.
  • Qualifications in Business and Engineering and has deep understanding of professional, technical, and trades based businesses.
  • Proven 7 year+ track record coaching Geelong businesses to grow revenue on average 50% per year.
  • Unique to Geelong, coaching tools and systems with guaranteed return on investment.
  • Licensed and trained with the most success coaching group in the world.
  • Specialises in helping Trade Businesses.