Exceptional Service and Delivery For Tradies

The Crucial Elements of Exceptional Service and Delivery in Your Business

In the second volume of my book, “The Wealthy Tradie,” I delve into what I call the fourth pillar: service and delivery. This aspect is so pivotal that it can determine whether your business thrives organically or struggles to find its footing. Think of it as laying down one of the cornerstones of your enterprise.

The Backbone of Business Growth

When service and delivery are executed to perfection, your business experiences an effortless and natural growth trajectory. This dimension of your operation is akin to a sturdy foundation, underpinning all your efforts and endeavours.

Conversely, missteps in service and delivery can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a host of issues. Unmet expectations can result in an influx of customer complaints and frustration, creating hurdles in your business’s path.

Bridging the Gap: QEWS Framework

To navigate this challenging terrain effectively, I propose a framework that encapsulates the key facets of service and delivery: QEWS. This acronym represents four crucial elements that, when fine-tuned, lead to a streamlined and successful business operation.

Quality: Beyond Workmanship

“Quality” in this context transcends mere workmanship. It encompasses a comprehensive quality system that ensures every facet of your core service is impeccable. Evaluating team performance and devising strategies for consistent execution are paramount. Consider tools such as checklists, regular training sessions, detailed photos, and instructive videos to establish a robust quality framework.

Expectations: Crystal Clear Communication

Setting explicit “Expectations” for your team is indispensable. This extends beyond tasks and includes factors like attire, customer interactions, and leaving job sites in pristine condition. It’s essential to avoid assuming that your team shares your perspective. Instead, provide clear point-form instructions and comprehensive training to align expectations across the board.

Workflow: Seamless from Start to Finish

A well-structured “Workflow” is vital from the moment a job is initiated until its completion. This entails managing incoming calls, scheduling, task execution, and finalisation. By meticulously defining and assigning each step, you ensure consistency and minimise oversights, such as forgetting to invoice or neglecting essential site documentation.

Systems: The Backbone of Efficiency

Lastly, “Systems” encompass a range of tools, with a special focus on electronic systems accessible via devices like smartphones and iPads. Utilising job management applications such as “Fergus,” “SIMPRO,” or “Tradify” streamlines operations. These apps facilitate photo uploads, drawing storage, customer information gathering, and seamless task continuation without excessive reliance on calls to you or your admin team.

Taking Action: Your Path Forward

The road to mastering service and delivery begins with prioritising Quality, setting crystal clear Expectations, establishing a seamless Workflow, and implementing Effective systems. By addressing these four pillars, you’re not only creating a robust foundation for your business but also setting it on a trajectory of consistent growth and success.

For a visual representation of how these elements come together, I’ve prepared a downloadable systems flowchart to kick-start your journey toward operational excellence.

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