Great Ocean Road Caravan Storage – Testimonial

Looking At A Maximising A New Business Venture

Steve Miller’s my name. I run Diligence Bookkeeping and I’ve recently taken on a new caravan storage business, and today was figuring out how to operate that business at the best possible way. Three things I got out of today, the first thing was that I knew that I had to be aware of some cost changes that were coming with increasing interest rates and what have you, for my business.

And I’ve been able to figure out my new pricing strategy to meet that demand. So, that was one massive one for me. Another thing I was able to look at was some changes in how I had my internal systems so that I could bring in a little bit more money.

The other thing that was important for us, was that I was able to look at some marketing strategies that would help me attract a new market, which we’re prepared to pay a slightly higher price. So, all in all, it was a massive day and fantastic, really worthwhile.

Hugh Bowman has been a fantastic facilitator today. He knows what questions to ask to make you give the answers you need to give yourself. So, from that point of view, he’s able to bring up conversations and topics that make it easy for you to navigate the knowledge you need to bring out to solve your problems.

Being in the group environment enables you to interplay with the different business owners and it makes you think outside the square and it helps you use other people’s understandings to help you shape your viewpoint on your business, which you just don’t get a chance to do on a day-to-day basis. So, collaborating with other business owners has been super valuable.

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