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I’m A Tradesman & I Need To Learn Business

G’day, I’m David Kuempflein. I’m the Director of Premier Mechanical Australia. We specialize in onsite machinery and highway transport mechanical repairs. We’re based in the Geelong and surrounds area. Today here, we’re in Werribee servicing some client’s gear.

I decided to get a business coach because I’m a tradesman and I don’t really know a hell of a lot about business, and I wanted to make sure that throughout the whole process that I made as little and as few mistakes in the business side of things as possible. And so far, it’s been fantastic.

We were a sole operator, it was myself and a ute, and as soon as we wanted to expand, we decided to engage the services of Hugh and we haven’t looked back. We’ve now got three vehicles, we’ve got two mechanics, our second mechanic is about to start or will be our third, including myself, he’s about to start at the start of next month.

We’ve expanded and we’ve taken on a lot more work and servicing all our client’s needs.

Hugh has helped us with the human resources side of things, making sure that we get the right people to help us grow our business.

I would say that initially, it’s probably an expense that you certainly try and overlook, and try and get away from that initial outlay. But we’ve found that throughout the process, we have made a lot more money and Hugh has helped us avoid making any costly mistakes throughout the process.

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Hugh Bowman is a specialist in business coaching for trade businesses and is a former engineer and technical expert. He has lived and worked in many parts of regional Victoria coaching tradie business owners.

Ph: 0409 402 474