Rubi Architects – Business Plan Testimonial

The Big Five Year Plan

Hi, my name is Alex Rubilar. I’m the director of RUBI Architects, and I participated in the Business Planning Workshop by ActionCOACH with Hugh Bowman. It was really helpful to me. It helped me understand my business better and how to plan things for the future. A couple of things that helped me realise during this workshop is that at the moment my business is growing slowly, but it’s growing steadily.

So from this workshop, I was able to identify certain factors that if I keep things going the way it is, and if I pay attention to these little details, then my business in five years will be at a very good position, which is quite exciting to know.

Learning From Other Business Owners

Being in a group with other business owners was very helpful because it helped me understand what happens with other businesses, things that are applicable to mine. And we were able to collaborate and come up with ideas on how to help each other, things that could work for different businesses. And there was a list of about 200 different things, ideas on how to attract more customers and how to keep your financial aspects of the business in order, was fantastic. I would definitely recommend being part of this workshop.

It’s really helpful, especially if you’re new to business, which is my case. It helped me understand certain concepts that I wasn’t familiar with and to learn from my business coach and the other participants.