Government Funding For Coaching

If you are thinking about getting a business coach here is an opportunity to explore coaching for FREE with assistance from the government.

I often see trades businesses that appear to be doing well and are booked up months in advance with work BUT:

  1. They aren't making any real money out of all the hard work and stress.
  2. They have issues with their staff.
  3. Many are way behind on tax payments and their accounting is a mess.
  4. There is no plan or future goal setting.
  5. The business lacks structure and could easily fold if just one thing goes wrong.
  6. The owner is not only on the tools but trying to cope with everything else and getting burnt out.

I hope these don't apply to you but if you are struggling then I can help you for two months free coaching comprising of four sessions.

In these four session we will dig deep into your business and set a clear path for your future.

We will identify areas in your business that need immediate attention, the ones that are keeping you up at night, and give you guidance and direction.

To make it absolutely clear if you do wish to take up the free coaching offer - there is NO OBLIGATION to continue, no pressure, no hard sell.

It's fantastic opportunity to get your business sorted and find out how business coaching can help you move forward with clarity and vision.

If this interests you fill in the form and we'll get back to you promptly or call me directly.

I look forward to meeting you

Hugh Bowman

Hugh Bowman 
Business Coach For Tradies
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