How To Make Your Time Worth $450/hr?


Well there is hardly a tradie who wouldn’t want $450/hr but let me take a few steps back and Ill explain how this works.
One of the most lucrative things you can do is start working ON your business. This sounds like blah blah yes we have heard all before….And every business coach and book says this.
Ultimately regardless of the bluster, it’s actually true.

What Does "Working On Your Business Mean?

The first thing is understanding what it means to work on your business. Here’s a bit of guidance taken from this blog I wrote a while back.

  • Task Sharing and Getting Help: Figuring out which jobs you can hand over to your team or hire someone else to do. This lets you focus on the bigger picture stuff that really matters.
  • Smoothing Out the Workflow: Putting in place the right kind of setup and steps to make everything run smoother, like using software to keep track of your clients or making invoicing and getting paid simpler.
  • Getting the Word Out and Shaping Your Image: Crafting a solid reputation, figuring out the best way to draw in more customers, and making sure you're seen and respected online.
  • Money Matters: Setting clear money targets, managing your spending wisely, and planning ahead for buying new gear, tech, or bringing more hands on deck to grow your business.
  • Boosting Skills and Services: Investing in learning and improving both for you and your crew, so you can offer more and better services and up the quality of your work.


Your $450 Per Hour Explained

Now I know if you do spend 4 hours per week working on your business and you engage me as your business coach, I will guarantee you’ll make an extra $75k per year.

We have met this guarantee with every single business we have worked with over the last 10 years and document how this is proven.

Now if we work it backwards:  4 hrs/week for say 42 weeks a year (to allow for holidays and other peak periods),  equals 168hrs.  This works for an extra $75k/year equals $466/hr!!!

Wow. I know it seems high!  Remember it is not for every hour.  Its just 4 hours per week to meet a guarantee I have made. 

The reality is, the more you can work on the business, the better off you are, as long as you can afford to. 

The challenging question for you is… How many hours do you work on the tools for say $100/hr when you know you should be doing $466/hr work on your business???

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