Inhouse business plan workshop with your team or individual over 2 days. You will get to create the ultimate online business plan for your business. This workshop will provide you with a forty page Business Plan.

What will the workshop cover?

Professional Business Support: 2 day Group Workshop days with your key people in the room together. Guided, step by step through the planning process and along the way gain valuable exposure to some of the latest business models and thinking. Have the opportunity to share ideas as you work together creating your business plan.

Cloud Based Business Planning: Receive online access to your own Business Planning and Business Modelling Tool where you construct the core components of your business plan and align your thoughts, business direction and ultimate outcomes.

Succinct Business Plan: Once you have created your plan at the end of your interactive two day Business Planning sessions, you will receive a copy of your Business Plan which you have specifically developed for your business, including Strategies for growing your business, Financial Projections, and other key areas expected in a Professional Business Plan.

Financial Projections: Summary Income Statement for 5 years, Summary Balance Sheet for 5 years and Annualized Cash Flow for 5 years. Capital Purchases, Financial Cash needs for the business and any Future Lending Requirements.

One-on-One Session: Once your plan is finalised, you will have a one-on-one session to fine tune your plan and discuss your next steps.

Tools and Templates you’ll get:

As part of the workshop you will receive software files which contain templates to help you create and manage your business plan. The tools and templates include:

  • The 6 ways to improve your cash flow system… Excel document which helps you plan out your cash flow over the next 3, 6 or twelve months.
  • The 6 ways to improve your profit system… Excel document which helps you plan out your cash flow over the next 3, 6 or twelve months.
  • The Strategy Wall Chart. The chart provides you will 571 suggestions divided into categories like: Build Your Pipeline, Increase Take Up Percentage, Improve Conversion Rate, Increase Average Value of Each Sale, Reduce Overhead Cost, Collect Debtor Payments, Reduce Inventory, just to name a few. Support material giving you more detail about the suggestions which appear in the chart are also supplied.
  • A ’How To Guide’ on a specific area of improvement for your business… sent to you each week… what is it and how is it sent via email?
  • The 11-major strategy area cheat sheet… what kind of document is this?
  • 12 months access to your plan and online business modelling tool… what is this for?

What kind of business will this Business Plan Workshop suit?

The workshop suits all kinds of businesses, in particular it will be very helpful to businesses who fit the situations outlined or have asked themselves the question:

  • Need finance. If you require finance for your business then it is most likely the bank will want to see your current financial and perhaps a business plan. The 40 day plan you create as part of this 2 day workshop will provide you with all the knowledge you need to understand your business.
  • Want to sell your business? Our detailed business plan will help you sell your business and even attract a higher price.
  • Established businesses with 3 to 20 years running experience. Any business can improve, there is always something to be learned or improved upon. A business plan will help you uncover the weaknesses and strengths within your business and allow you to build from them.
  • Business wanting better cashflow. Ever wanted to know why your business can be profitable but the cash in your bank does not match. Increasing cashflow is easy when you use the right tools and know exactly what dials to change.
  • Want to get paid more? Have you wanted to increase revenue and profits in your business so you can either grow your business or pay yourself more? Your bonuses include powerful ‘how to’ systems easy to use and effect growth
  • Need new customers? Ever run out of ideas on how to attract customers, convert prospects to customers and grow revenue proactively? This will never happen again when you get access to powerful strategies and know how.

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$6K-$10K + GST Depending on the business.

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