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The Alignment

We always start with what we call an Alignment. The Alignment starts with an in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal, the sales and marketing strategies you have used previously and what results were achieved. Our aim is to identify many different areas of untapped potential.

The Alignment is basically a road map for the future of your business.

It will give you a complete list of strategies and ideas that you’re not currently using in your business, as well as identifying those you are using that could do with some improvements. This is your ActionPLAN for your business.

The process of going through this alignment process ensures you, your life and/or business partners and your entire team are clear on your goals and objectives, before we change anything.

This is vitally important to clarify what each person is striving to achieve. Clarity is Power!

After Alignment

After the Alignment, we then move on to our regular coach meetings where we review your Action plan and work on strategies, knowledge, and motivation to help implement those opportunities in your plan.

Our regular coach meetings are preplanned and are usually set as recurring appointments at the same week day and time so that it is easy to remember and plan around.

Around the end of every quarter we review our quarterly plan.

This is where we review our activities in the last quarter and literally tick off the ones complete, and those that require further work are added to the next quarterly plan. We also set goals for the next quarter and review annual and further out our goals, to make sure we are still happy with that direction.

Most business also develop their own business plan within the first 6 months.

Business coaching shouldn’t be a mystery, nor is not magic. Achieving a great business is about setting goals, building strategies and systems and sticking to them.