Why You Need A Coach?

Most people who start a business, do so with a very good understanding of their trade.

They are great plumbers, electricians, engineers,  or builders. But they soon realise there is more to running a business than knowing their trade.

How do you know you need a coach?

Many businesses have successfully grown from nothing to 10 or 15 staff only to find themselves working harder than ever and not making the money they should be.

Ideally businesses who use a coach from the inception have less difficulties growing and sustaining a business model which is less taxing on the business owner's time.

Here are some other reasons you may need a business coach:

  • Working all the time and have no time for your family or personal life.
  • Have plenty of work but can’t seem to make enough money to prosper.
  • Have difficulty retaining or finding staff.
  • Your business hits a hurdle and you need help to get over it.
  • You’re good at your trade but struggle with the financial side of business.
  • You struggle to plan ahead.
  • You’ve never done a business plan.

So what is business coaching?

A business coach is there to help you set and reach your goals, they will also hold you accountable to the goals you set. They will help you develop, customise and then fully understand how business systems should be utilised within your business.

A business coach can help grow, sustain or build and sell your business. They will also help you transition a family owned business from parents to children.

A business coach will help with processes covering all facets of your business, including human resources, financials, training, business plan, goal settings, sales tactics, marketing and reporting.

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How Can A Business Coach Help You?

  • Nail the road blocks and issues that are restricting you to grow your business in the next 6 months.
  • Learn how systems and processes can get you working ON your business rather than being bogged down IN your business.
  • Create an effective system for collecting outstanding debts and training clients to pay you on time.
  • Learn how to convert more of your quotes into real jobs.
  • The keys to encouraging staff to be more productive, more switched on and motivated.
  • Set real, attainable goals so you can see monitor your progress and see your business change for the better.
  • How to target more profitable clients.
  • Find out which advertising media to use that will bring in the best bang for your advertising buck! Whether its Facebook, direct mail or the radio.
  • How to market your business online so your efforts get the phone ringing regularly.
  • Get direction on how to write a marketing plan that brings in more business than you’ve ever had before.
  • Discover the missed opportunities in your business that allow you to sell more.
  • Systemise your marketing and sales so your staff can get involved and it becomes easier to implement consistently.

Your Coaching Program

Our coaching programs are not “one size fits all” - Find the program below that suits your business.


  • 1 or 2 man business
  • Usually in first 1 or 2 years in business
  • Billing out less than $200k per year
  • Is 100% plus on the tools


  • Managing a team greater than 5 people
  • At least one full time admin support
  • Owner largely off the tools
  • Billing greater that $700k/year


  • Managing a small team up to about 5 people
  • Part time admin support or bookkeeping
  • Owner 3 or 4 days on the tools 
  • Billing up to $700k/year


  • Owner not required for day to day operations
  • Managing multiple teams (sales, installs, service)
  • This program is highly customised
  • Coaching each team and owner individually.

All Coaching Programs Include:


Regular Strategy and

Accountability Meetings

A great idea without implementation is just a dream. We have regular meetings to help you with knowledge and focus and make sure your strategies are implemented.


Marketing Review

We thoroughly critique your marketing strategy, material and get a good understanding what you have completed in the past and how it worked.


Business Systems and
Logistics Review

Having great systems is the key to high quality and productivity. We thoroughly review your current systems and look for opportunities including everything from small tweaks to implementing complete online business management systems.


Supplier Consultation

Sometimes there is an opportunity how you deal with suppliers with pricing, terms, order process, job numbers, delivery, etc. and arriving at a better outcome for your business. With your guidance we contact your major customers and look for opportunities to help your business.


Complimentary DISC Evaluation

We will provide personality profiling tests on your key staff so that they can better understand their own personality attributes. This will help them communicate more effectively in a team or sales environment.


Templates and Systems

As part of the international ActionCOACH group we have a huge number of templates and systems that we adapt to suit our clients. This is saves a huge amount of time in developing and fine tuning a system that will work for your business.


Unlimited Coach Contact

In business, often there are things that are urgent and need to be dealt with, or you may need to discuss a business problem. When working with Hugh, he welcomes contact via phone or email, to make sure your problem is solved and you are not held up.


Alignment Consultation

Every coaching program starts with a Alignment Consultation. The Alignment Consultation is basically a road map for the future of your business. It will give you a complete list of strategies and ideas that you’re not currently using in your business, as well as identifying those you are using that could do with some improvements.


Business Excellence Conference

ActionCOACH hold a regional conference inc. business forum, and awards, for all the clients of coaches. History has shown businesses that go to this conference outperform all their expectations in the following year. Hugh will provide 1 ticket worth $1400.


Business Plan

Every business needs a great plan. After all you can’t build a great house without a great plan. Hugh runs several business planning workshops every year and review workshops for those already done one. Every business Hugh works with ends up doing a business plan.


17 Week / 7 Point Guarantee

We believe so strongly in our ability to grow your business we guaranteed our results or your coaching is FREE”.*

Conditions apply, if you would like more information please read about our Guaranteed Results.


Team Training

At times having an outsider come into your business to help facilitate implementation of new systems or changes in your business is a great help. Hugh can come to your business meet staff and help this process.

Industries we have helped achieve success.

The business systems we have developed, together with the resources we have access to through our association with ActionCoach gives us the ability to work in all business industries.

With Hugh’s background as an engineer trades and technical businesses are a great fit.

  • Plumbing
  • Engineering
  • Builders
  • Maintenance
  • Painters
  • Sign Writers
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Electricians
  • Precast Manufacturing
  • Plastering
  • Mechanic
  • Cleaners
  • Civil Engineering
  • Masonry
Listen to why businesses come to Hugh for help.
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Business coaching shouldn’t be a mystery, nor is not magic. Achieving a great business is about setting goals, building strategies and systems and sticking to them.