Hugh Bowman


Geelong’s No.1 Business Coach

A brief history…

ActionCOACH business coaching started in 1993 in Brisbane by Brad Sugars and is now a franchise running in 83 countries.

After selling his energy saving technology business in 2010, Hugh had a six month rest where some soul searching lead him to start ActionCOACH Geelong in 2011. Initially run from his home in East Geelong, he and his wife Natalie purchased and developed a building at 248 Malop Street for both their businesses to operate from. Natalie’s Medical Practice, Geelong Endocrinology and ActionCOACH moved into the premises in 2013, and with forth coming triplets, Hugh employed his first staff member for ActionCOACH.

The medical practice expanded quickly and forced Hugh to find new premises,  the search for new office space ended with a building with potential written all over it. In 2015 the building was purchased and developed into the offices ActionCoach and four tenants work from today located at 398 Latrobe Terrace, Newtown. ActionCOACH Geelong with Hugh at the helm employ three part time or outsourced staff.

In recent years Hugh has refocussed his attention to largely trade and technical businesses where he has found his career knowledge and education has allowed him to fully engage these clients and have massive impacts on their businesses.

You can contact Hugh directly on 0409 402 474.

Key Facts about Hugh

  • Owned or has owned of a variety of successful businesses.
  • Qualifications in Business and Engineering and has deep understanding of professional, technical, and trades based businesses.
  • Proven 7 year+ track record coaching Geelong businesses to grow revenue on average 50% per year.
  • Unique to Geelong, coaching tools and systems with guaranteed return on investment.
  • Licensed and trained with the most success coaching group in the world.
  • Specialises in helping Trade Businesses.

“Having a great coach will help design, implement, and adapt a plan for your business to a far higher degree than you have ever achieved before by yourself. Whether you want more time, more money, or a business that works without you, contact me today and lets get started.”

Hugh Bowman

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