Mastering Productive Team Meetings

By Hugh Bowman / March 1, 2024

 Mastering Productive Team Meetings in Your Trades Business Team meetings—a phrase that can either evoke enthusiasm or a sense of dread, depending on your experience. In the realm of trades businesses, running effective team meetings is often a challenge that business owners grapple with. But fear not, for we’re here to guide you through the art of conducting productive team meetings that yield tangible results. Whether you’re dealing with a small team or a larger crew, these strategies are designed to ensure that your team meetings become a valuable asset rather than a time-wasting chore. Setting the Stage: The Agenda The first and foremost rule of thumb when it comes to team meetings is having a well-structured agenda. This agenda serves as your compass, guiding the discussion and ensuring that every relevant topic is covered. Imagine an agenda that’s so clear and concise that anyone, even in your absence, … Read more

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Creating a Positive Culture in Your Trades Business

By Hugh Bowman / February 2, 2024

Creating and Sustaining a Positive Culture in Your Trades Business In the dynamic world of trades businesses, the significance of cultivating a thriving workplace culture cannot be overstated. A healthy culture not only enhances productivity but also reduces employee turnover rates and fosters an environment where everyone can thrive. So, how can you build and maintain an exceptional culture that resonates with your trades business? Let’s explore some actionable steps and insights that can make a substantial difference. Documenting Your Culture The first step towards establishing a great workplace culture is to document it. This involves putting your culture’s values, norms, and expectations in writing. While this might sound like a formal process, it’s crucial for ensuring that every member of your team understands and embraces the culture you aim to foster. In the context of trades businesses, where practicality is often favoured over elaborate corporate jargon, adopting a point-by-point, … Read more

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How to best onboard new employees on day 1

By Hugh Bowman / February 21, 2019

Recently I’ve done quite a few videos on recruiting for small businesses who want to recruit for themselves, and so this is an extension of this. This is a great tip.   If you’ve gone through the recruiting process, you’ve got the right guy, he’s just started. Now one of the things I think is the most i

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saving on overtime

4 ways to save on overtime

By Hugh Bowman / July 12, 2017

Are you the kind of business owner that thinks just because you are busy it is worth working overtime to ‘get more work done’?  If this is true then you are probably not making any profit on that extra work and would be better off relaxing with your feet up sitting on the beach.

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