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Most tradies love the tools but when it comes to tax time it can get a little stressful. In this webinar we have a special guest accountant, Milton Collins who is going to answer all your questions regarding paying less tax.

At the end of the financial year your accountant is busy so it's much better to go and see your accountant with a better understanding of how to reduce your tax bill and what to ask them. Knowledge is power!

In this webinar we cover 7x areas where you could pay less tax this year:

  • Income Strategies

    We go through whether delaying your invoicing is a good strategy for reducing your tax liability towards the end of the financial year.

  • Claiming Last Minute Expenses

    Is now a good time to splurge on a new ute or car or truck or any other piece of equipment?

  • Existing Write-Offs.

    What existing equipment or tools can be written off or claimed this financial year? Our resident accountant Milton will help us with this.

  • Prepaying

    Is prepaying an annual cost and receiving a discount a clever strategy for your business to pay less tax? We find out how.

  • What Is "Accelerated Depreciation"?

    We reveal the advantages and pitfalls of accelerated depreciation and how this can effect your tax liability.

  • Using Your Super

    Can you save tax by paying more into your super - find out if this is a sound tax-reducing idea.

  • I Hate My Accountant

    If you are not getting the right type of service from your existing accountant we go through what to look for in an accountant. Remember it's not too late to change your accountant if you're not happy.

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I look forward to meeting you.


Hugh Bowman.

If you want to pay less tax join us on this in depth webinar.

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