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Van Signage – Is It Worth It?

By Hugh Bowman / September 14, 2020

Marketing For Tradies Marketing is one area that we find tradies need a lot of help with and having good van signage is an important part of your marketing. The trick with van signage is: It’s got to stand out and be loud! Easy to read and with contact details Simple and straight forward so a van wrap doesn’t cost the earth Van Signage Example – Before/After Here’s a great example with our client Greater Western Electrical From the photo below you can see the before shot of the van signage: • Signage was small • What does GWE mean? What kind of Trade is he? • Has 2 phone numbers • Signage looks tatty Next we have the new van signage complete with a simple but effective rebrand. • Designed to be eye catching – full wrap • Zoomed in text on what the business does (ie Electrical) • … Read more

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Rebrand your company – When should you do it?

By Hugh Bowman / February 21, 2019

Today I want to talk about why rebranding a business might be a good thing to do in your business. I’ve got a great example that I’d really love to share with you because, I have to say, I’m really proud to be involved with a business called Lorne Plumbing and they’ve gone through a pretty brainy process. And you might say, “why?” Most people say, “yeah I don’t want to spend the money and do I need to, I’m already busy” etc.

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