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 How Much Should Tradies Spend On Marketing?

By Duncan McAdams / June 1, 2024

If It Makes Money… When you’re running a trade business, figuring out how much to spend on marketing is hard to know.  Some people just look at how much it costs (Bad plan!).  It is best to think of it like a job. If it makes money do it!  If the amount you spend on marketing brings in a new customer, makes a profit and covers the cost of marketing, then it’s worth it.  In fact, if this was the case, you would do it again, and again, and again! But, how do you know if your marketing is actually working?  The key is to measure it. Ask every lead you get how they found out about you. Over a reasonable amount of time work out how many leads you got, jobs you won, and ultimately your profit made.  Compare this to your marketing costs and other marketing strategies you … Read more

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Van Signage – Is It Worth It?

By Hugh Bowman / September 14, 2020

Marketing For Tradies Marketing is one area that we find tradies need a lot of help with and having good van signage is an important part of your marketing. The trick with van signage is: It’s got to stand out and be loud! Easy to read and with contact details Simple and straight forward so a van wrap doesn’t cost the earth Van Signage Example – Before/After Here’s a great example with our client Greater Western Electrical From the photo below you can see the before shot of the van signage: • Signage was small • What does GWE mean? What kind of Trade is he? • Has 2 phone numbers • Signage looks tatty Next we have the new van signage complete with a simple but effective rebrand. • Designed to be eye catching – full wrap • Zoomed in text on what the business does (ie Electrical) • … Read more

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Rebrand your company – When should you do it?

By Hugh Bowman / February 21, 2019

Today I want to talk about why rebranding a business might be a good thing to do in your business. I’ve got a great example that I’d really love to share with you because, I have to say, I’m really proud to be involved with a business called Lorne Plumbing and they’ve gone through a pretty brainy process. And you might say, “why?” Most people say, “yeah I don’t want to spend the money and do I need to, I’m already busy” etc.

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