Rebrand your company – When should you do it?


Today I want to talk about why rebranding a business might be a good thing to do in your business. I’ve got a great example that I’d really love to share with you because, I have to say, I’m really proud to be involved with a business called Lorne Plumbing and they’ve gone through a rebranding process. And you might say, “why?” Most people say, “yeah I don’t want to spend the money and do I need to, I’m already busy” and all that sort of thing.

This is the way my first take on it. I really love the internal aspects of it but on an external front, having a great brand is like creating a great first impression. So, put that to one side, what I really love is the internal thinking that goes into it.

For example, it’s like, when you’re coming up with a new brand you have to all of a sudden realise:

  • “Where’s this business going?”
  • “Who are we going to work with
  • “What sort of work do I really love to do?”.
  • “Where’s our niche, what are our competitors doing?”

After they’ve put a lot of thought into what their products and services are, this is what’s going to really get sort of wrapped up into this brand or logo that they really want to choose and not just the name itself.

Lorne Plumbing Example

For example this business was called Lorne Plumbing and I’m going to show you their new branding. These guys are second generation, they took this business over from their dad, who had a partnership. So the business has changed and their services have changed. They were a local plumbing business, but now they do excavation work, they do roofing work and they travel a lot further away than just Lorne.

So the old name wasn’t hugely appropriate. But thinking through, “well where’s this business going to go?” as they do a fair amount of excavation work for plumbing.  They want to grow that aspect of it so the excavation part is a key part in that branding.

They do a lot of roofing and plumbing for builders now, where originally it was more maintenance-style focus, which is a different sort of market.  Now they do lots of home builds with builders, and they do commercial building and excavation as well.

trickey bros

They needed more of a corporate logo, so you’ll see this coming up. The warm and fuzzy part of it that I really love is the guys got really engaged in coming up with a name. Now it’s their name, Trickey Brothers, it’s their surname and they’re putting their stamp on it.

So just imagine a customer going, “oh, so why did you change the name of your business?” and you can just imagine the passion that would come pouring out of their mouth as they explain they are putting their stamp on it and the reason for it, and the business is going great, and so that’s something they can be really proud of. So that’s where I see the big value in the branding.

I hope that’s got you thinking about rebranding and if you ever want to in your business.

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