The Power Of Van Signage

Van Signage – An Effective Marketing Tool

The most immediate benefit of van signage is increased visibility. As tradies navigate the streets, their branded vans catch the eyes of pedestrians, drivers, and residents, effectively broadcasting their services to a wide audience. Unlike stationary advertising, which is limited to a specific location, van signage works tirelessly, promoting your business in every corner of the community you serve (your portable billboard). This constant exposure helps embed your brand in the local consciousness, making it the first that comes to mind when services are needed.

5 Things That Make Van Signage Effective.

1. Make it absolutely clear what you do. I’ve seen van signs with a great big logo displayed but without a clear explanation of the services that are being advertised. This is often easy and obvious for the business owner but not from Joe Public that has never seen your logo before. If you kept potential clients guessing they are more likely to move on.

You might be in love with your branding but people have a problem they need solving first so make sure you explain that your business is coming to the rescue

2. Be specific with the EXACT service you provide – you cant be everything to everyone – if you’re a residential electrical service then listing data cabling and IT services is not aiming at the “mum and dad” type clients.

If you’re a builder of high quality homes then small renovations – even though you could do them – is not selling to the right type of high end client you would prefer to deal with.

You have limited space on a van so be specific and use the sign space to advertise services that you really want to tackle in your business.

3. I know you love your logo but does any one else? Keep your logo small and use the space to talk to potential clients with the services that appeals to them. If you are going to do any marketing, ever, always make it about the client and not your branding. Your logo doesn’t have to be tiny but its not as important as what services and benefits your clients will receive.

4. Be friggin loud as. Use the whole vehicle – contact details BIG. Don’t be shy, yell at people to call you or visit your website. Put your phone everywhere: front, back sides. It’s a tool to get leads and new business so don’t be frightened to go bold and loud.

5. Van signage should be part of your over all marketing mix across every aspect of your business. Blue van, white logo, blue shirts, white logo. Blue business card, white logo. see how it follows a pattern.

Great First Impression – More Clients

First impressions matter, and a well-designed van sign can significantly enhance the professional image of your trade business. It suggests reliability, attention to detail, and pride in your work, qualities that customers value highly. A branded van also instills confidence in potential clients, reassuring them that they’re dealing with a legitimate and established business. This level of professionalism can be the deciding factor for customers choosing between multiple service providers.

The benefits of van signage for tradies are clear. From enhancing visibility and providing cost-effective marketing to bolstering a professional image and generating leads passively, van signage is an invaluable tool in a tradie’s marketing arsenal. It’s a straightforward yet impactful way to promote your services, ensuring that your business moves forward, quite literally, as you do. In a competitive landscape, investing in van signage could be the catalyst that propels your trade business to new heights.


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