Van Signage – Is It Worth It?

Marketing For Tradies

Marketing is one area that we find tradies need a lot of help with and having good van signage is an important part of your marketing. The trick with van signage is:

  1. It’s got to stand out and be loud!
  2. Easy to read and with contact details
  3. Simple and straight forward so a van wrap doesn’t cost the earth

Van Signage Example – Before/After

Here’s a great example with our client Greater Western Electrical
From the photo below you can see the before shot of the van signage:

old van signage

• Signage was small
• What does GWE mean? What kind of Trade is he?
• Has 2 phone numbers
• Signage looks tatty

Next we have the new van signage complete with a simple but effective rebrand.

new van signage after shot

• Designed to be eye catching – full wrap
• Zoomed in text on what the business does (ie Electrical)
• Clear which location he works in
• Large single contact number
• Website also listed as easier to remember than a phone number
• Simple – cost effective marketing

When you are working onsite, driving locally or even parked in the local supermarket car park you are constantly advertising your business. This a great marketing exercise that doesn’t cost that much but will last you a long time.

This example shows you how easy it is to go from dull and unclear to dynamic and memorable. Even better if you get a second van and double your marketin g efforts.

The comments this tradie is getting now are “we seem to see your van everywhere” – He stands out from the crowd.

This is further enhanced with carrying the branding throughout the business – notice his hat, shirt etc.

In the first week of the new van being on the road, he received a job that paid for the wrapping in full.

If you think you need help with your marketing then this is one of many good business practices Hugh can help you with.Remember people like good packaging and respond to very clear and forth right marketing. Make sure you’re doing it right with some decent van signage.

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