Working On Your Business

What Does Working ON Your Business Mean?

For electricians and those in the trades, the distinction between working in your business and working on your business is crucial for sustainable growth and success. Let’s dive into what this means for an electrician’s business and provide clear, actionable tips to make the shift.

I’ve an electrical business as an example here.

Understanding the Difference

Working in your business means being on the ground, doing the electrical work itself. It’s about troubleshooting, wiring, installing, and directly servicing clients. This is where most electricians start, but it’s also where many remain, often due to necessity or habit.

Working on your business, however, is about stepping back and focusing on the business’s growth, efficiency, and long-term strategy. It’s about setting up systems, processes, and plans that ensure the business can operate and even expand without your direct labor in every task.

Making the Shift: Practical Tips for Electricians

1. Schedule Strategic Time

Allocate specific hours each week solely for planning and strategy. During this time, assess your business’s performance, set goals, and plan for the future. For an electrician, this might involve evaluating which services are most profitable, exploring new markets, or considering how to improve customer service.

2. Leverage Technology

Use technology to streamline your operations. Various apps and software can automate scheduling, invoicing, and customer follow-ups. Implementing a robust job management software can free up your time from administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on strategic growth activities.

3. Educate Yourself

Stay abreast of the latest in electrical technology, business management, and customer service strategies. Continuous learning can help you offer more value to your clients and manage your business more effectively. Consider joining trade associations, attending workshops, and subscribing to trade publications.

4. Build a Trusted Team

As your business grows, you’ll need a reliable team to handle day-to-day operations. Hiring competent electricians and administrative staff can allow you to delegate the hands-on work and administrative tasks. This frees you to focus on business development, customer relationships, and strategic planning.

5. Seek Advice

Consult with mentors, join business coaching programs (talk to me!), or network with peers. Getting external advice can be especially beneficial for electricians, as it can provide fresh perspectives on managing projects, handling clients, and marketing your services. Business coaches who specialise in trades can offer valuable insights into scaling your business.

Transitioning from working in your electrician business to working on it is essential for long-term success and scalability. By dedicating time to strategic planning, embracing technology, continuously learning, building a trusted team, and seeking external advice, you can ensure that your business thrives. Remember, the goal is to create a business that not only provides excellent service but is also structured for growth, efficiency, and sustainability. Start taking steps today to elevate your electrician business to the next level.


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