How to Secure More Work Effortlessly

Unveiling the Trade Business Secret: How to Secure More Work Effortlessly

For tradespeople, finding a reliable way to consistently secure more work might seem like a puzzle with a missing piece. Surprisingly, the key to boosting your workload might already be right under your nose: your past customers. Yes, those clients you’ve worked for in the past hold the potential to become your most valuable source of ongoing projects. In this article, we’ll delve into the power of nurturing your relationships with past clients and how to implement a system that keeps your trade business ahead of the curve.

The Untapped Goldmine: Past Customers

Think about it – why do you want to work with your past customers? The reasons are crystal clear: they’re familiar with your work, they trust your expertise, and they’re far more likely to engage with you again compared to cold leads. Past customers tend to be hassle-free, they respect your pricing, and they are more open to collaboration. However, the challenge arises when it comes to maintaining a connection with them over time.

It’s surprising how many businesses, especially in the trades industry, overlook the value of staying in touch with past clients. Without a system to nurture these relationships, you risk missing out on potential work. Imagine if you had a method to not only retain these clients but also to be at the forefront of their minds whenever a new project arises.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Create Your Key Customer List:
Begin by identifying your top customers – those who have provided consistent work and whom you’ve built a rapport with. A downloadable resource below can aid you in kickstarting this process.

Quarterly Engagement:
Set up a simple reminder system, whether in your calendar or digital tools like Outlook, to prompt you every quarter to reconnect with your top 30 past customers who you haven’t heard from in the last three months.

Personalised Engagement:
When it’s time to reach out, make it personal. Give them a call, visit their location, or even treat them to a coffee or snacks. The idea is to foster genuine interaction.

Open the Conversation:
Approach the conversation in a friendly manner. Ask them about any upcoming projects they might have and inquire if there’s anything they’d like you to take a look at or offer pricing assistance for.

Why It Works Like Magic

When you actively reach out to past customers, it serves as a powerful reminder of your professionalism and dedication. By expressing genuine interest in their upcoming projects, you not only display your commitment but also position yourself as a solution provider. Because the interaction is recent, your name becomes the first to pop up in their minds when they require services in your field.

Your Actionable Step Forward

The concept is simple, yet the impact is profound. Begin by creating your list of key customers and setting up your quarterly engagement reminders. The small effort of a personal call or visit can lead to substantial rewards in terms of increased workload. By keeping past customers engaged and connected, you’re not only ensuring a steady flow of projects but also fostering a sense of loyalty that can lead to referrals.

Don’t let your hard-earned client relationships fade away into obscurity. Embrace this systematic approach, and watch as your past customers become a consistent and reliable source of work that keeps your trade business thriving.

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