BM Floors Coaching Testimonial

BM Floors – Newtown, Geelong

Hi, I’m Ben from BM Floors in Newtown. We’ve got a showroom at 23/5 Bridge Street, Newtown. We do custom design projects, engineered oak, parquetry. I manage the project from start to finish, so you’ll get expert advice, 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Business Planning Session

Doing the business planning session with Hugh and others was great. We met some fantastic people, first and foremost, so we’ve got an insight into their businesses because a lot of the fundamentals in business are very, very similar.In terms of Hugh running the process, I suppose from start to finish, it was run very well. It sort of reinvigorated my business because I’ve got a business plan to focus on.

It was like analysing a lot of the business that I’ve got and a lot of areas of the business that I needed to focus on. You can’t do all that yourself. Having that sort of stuff in front of you and being able to look at that sort of stuff, as a rolling business plan, would be invaluable for my business.

I find Hugh easily relatable to, speaks on my level. His insight and knowledge over years, has been fantastic. Just getting a lot out of it at the moment. He’s actually got me to read a book, which is quite interesting because I haven’t read for years. It’s been really good for my business. From a coaching point of view, I would certainly recommend not only Hugh, but ActionCoach. I think it sort of relates to my level in terms of business.

I’m only a new startup business. I wanted the right people and the right processes in place, which he’s developing for me, which is fantastic because you can’t do that yourself when you’re just a one-man show running a business in a warehouse. I would certainly recommend Hugh’s ActionCoach. Definitely.

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Hugh Bowman is a specialist in business coaching for trade businesses and is a former engineer and technical expert. He has lived and worked in many parts of regional Victoria coaching tradie business owners.

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