Beretta Plumbing coaching testimonial

D.A. Beretta Plumbing & Gas Fitting, Geelong

Hi, I’m Chris Beretta from D.A. Beretta Proprietary Limited. We are a longstanding plumbing company in Geelong. We specialise in hydro excavation, directional drilling, and civil works. We work mainly for local government utilities. Baum Water, V/Line are customers and several civil construction companies.

I went to Hugh Bowman to improve my business skills and to generate more business and do things a little better, basically to tidy up the loose ends. Hugh’s helped me to put a lot of things on paper and to get a lot of my ideas actually up and running.

I’ve been with Hugh, oh gee, over a year now, maybe a year and a half. We have, as I said, taken a lot of the ideas that I had and we’ve actually put them on paper and worked out a business plan around them and been able to implement them. Most of those quite successfully with a few more still in the pipeline.

Streamlining Our Business

We’ve looked at our future growth. Obviously, we’ve set goals, et cetera, along the lines of the coaching program. Within our business, we’ve actually improved our turnover and our profit margin a little just by tidying up a few loose ends and streamlining a few of our systems. We’ve started off a new business within our D.A. Beretta umbrella of traffic control.

It’s been small steps starting off, but we’re starting to grow that now and seeing some returns from it. We’ve basically turned a cost… What we were paying out we’ve turned from a cost now into a profit so we’ve turned it right around.

As far as Hugh’s strengths go, what I’ve found is that that Hugh is actually very good at helping his customers and myself is actually getting things out of your head and off paper and actually implementing and making it move. I’ve found that to be very helpful for me because I’ve got a hundred ideas, but it’s hard to actually get them up and running. To have somebody that can encourage you, help you along the path, and give you the right guidance is a benefit to any business.

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Hugh Bowman is a specialist in business coaching for trade businesses and is a former engineer and technical expert. He has lived and worked in many parts of regional Victoria coaching tradie business owners.

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