Geelong Land Surveyors – Business Plan

Business Planning Day Testimonial

My name is Ben Couch. I have a business called Melbourne Land Surveyors, and starting up a business called Geelong Land Surveyors here in Geelong. We take care of all land surveying requirements, such as land development, title surveys, feature surveys, anything to do with any sort of planning or development projects.

I basically learnt that setting up a business plan allows you to focus in on smaller aspects of your business to progress your business forward and making it a very systematic approach to business management.

Hugh’s very good, very clear, and also looked at your personal business, not just the whole, entire group, but made it also personalised towards your own projects and business models. Also, it was good to listen in to other companies and businesses, their ideas and what they’re doing. He’s going to be coaching with me for probably the next six months to see how things go.

Yeah, with the business planning day, it gives you confidence going forward, in implementing strategies into your business to make your business more successful.

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