Today we’re going to learn about how to allow for overheads when calculating cost plus work.  Knowing how to do this will help keep your business profitable and will ensure all your hard work pays off.  As in some previous topics in this series, using an example will help to demonstrate how this is done.  So follow along and remember, you can always call me if you have any questions.

Below is a simple Profit and Loss statement for a company.

Cost of Sales
Labour + Materials$50
Rent & Phone$20

Accountants view overheads as a percentage of sales so we need to –

$20/$100 = 20%

When it comes to factoring in the real cost of overheads we need to take into account other factors to remain profitable.  To work out that multiplier we need to divide overheads by the cost of sales and turn it into a percentage –

$20/$50 = 40%

So when you are pricing up a job using the cost plus technique, you need to add up all the labour, holidays and employment costs materials, freight and phone etc. then add on $40% of that figure to cover overheads.

So read over this a couple of times so you understand the process and feel confident to use it.  If you have and questions feel free to call me to learn more.  I get a real sense of satisfaction helping trades and technical businesses become profitable.

The next step is to calculate profit and that is coming up in the next video.

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