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 Justin McGuane – McGuane Constructions

 McGuane Constructions is a small building construction based business in Colac. We have four employees, four builders on the tools, a receptionist, and my wife helps out in the business. We focus mainly on renovations, we do do new homes, small, large, you name it, we do it.

We got on to Hugh through Tim Clark of the accounting firms, Sinclair and Wilson. Tim referred us to Hugh because I’m always in there annoying Tim for information regarding business and business strategies. And he referred us to Hugh knowing that Hugh specialises in our types of business and has the tools to help us grow the way we want to grow and we’re trying to grow in the future.

So, and what I’ve got out of the business planning session today is a lot of information comparing other businesses and being able to ask questions and direction of Hugh. I found he’s very good at being able to lead you in the right direction, letting you work out what you need to do, but giving you, I suppose, the tools and knowledge to affect those changes.

I think get out of these what you put into them so that I think that by Hugh giving you the tools, if you don’t do the work, you’re not going to reap the rewards of it. We’ve learned a lot today. We’ve got a lot of notes to go away and study, processes to put in place, goals to achieve.

And as my wife stated before these days are great because they force you to sit down and review your business properly, not just have a constant running, shaking your head where you think you’re doing stuff when you’re not really actually ticking off these goals.

And by doing this, it gives us goals to achieve and tick off as we go, so that we feel like we’re achieving something on the business development side, which is where we’ve always battled. So, yeah, thanks to Hugh and thanks for the day.

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