Twilight Glamping Testimonial

A Business Coach Is A Great Sounding Board

My name’s Lee from Twilight Glamping. We provide luxury, pop up accommodation along the Great Ocean Road in Bellarine Peninsula. We also specialise in large weddings and corporate events where we go and we curate the whole event. So we’ll take 5,000 bell tents, set them all up as a bell tent village. We do large yurt style marquees for weddings as well that can seat up to a couple hundred people.

We decided to go with Hugh. Business was going quite well. I just felt like we needed a little bit more direction, a bit of good decision making/risk taking it got us to a point where we were, and I felt like we needed a bit more business guidance to be able to understand our company properly and how we could best grow. It’s been really good in the last few months, actually, since we started with Hugh, it was quite a big decision/gamble for us to start working with him, a big step.

It’s actually been really beneficial. I think probably one of the best things I’ve taken from it is it just gives you a sounding board and it gives you the confidence to make good decisions and your own decisions, but it just gives you the confidence to make them and make them quickly. And then you can move on quite quickly and progress. I’d say working with Hugh has had a real positive effects on our business. Hence why we’re still using him. We’ve taken on a full time, couple of full time permanent members of staff, casual numbers have increased a lot.

Revenues Have Increased

Bookings have increased, revenues increased. And I think just the general understanding of our business, myself and Beth, my wife, who runs the business with me, it’s just given us a lot more of an understanding about the business fundamentals. Making the investments to bring Hugh on board to engage him was quite a big decision. It was quite a decent chunk of money, but it gave us the confidence.

I mean, guarantees for a start that it pays for itself in the first 12 months, I think it is. And now it was a big decision at the start, but now it’s an expense that we get, we pay out and we kind of just move on. I don’t think it worries us too much anymore.

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Hugh Bowman is a specialist in business coaching for trade businesses and is a former engineer and technical expert. He has lived and worked in many parts of regional Victoria coaching tradie business owners.

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