Recruiting – saves hours of resume reading

How Group Interviews Can Help

What I’m just realising is that several businesses I’m working with are recruiting. No surprise really, they’re growing and changing their business, they need new staff, but I’ve been going through recruiting systems with three separate businesses and I uncover the same sorts of things.

Every time we start talking about recruiting, business owners’ grump and they go:

  • oh dear this is going to be a pain,
  • it takes a long time,
  • I’m already busy, and
  • they’re not very good anyway

I’ve got a few tips to try and nail some of those excuses or issues that business owners have when they’re doing recruiting themselves.

Filtering Applicants

The first one is the time it takes to interview people. In short, I’m a big, big fan of having a group interview because when it comes down to it, you put the net out there and you might get 50 or 70 applicants and you might want to invite a dozen or so into an interview.

Whichever way you look at it, if you have to read 10 resumes and then talk to 10 on the telephone it’s a lot of time, it’s a killer effect and it’s the same stuff with every single one.  You’re talking about the culture of the business and what you do and what the role is about and the expectations are and why you’re doing it and it’s the same for every business owner, every prospect employee that you’re talking to.

How do you save that time and the answer is do a group interview. Set the time a couple weeks out, meet at your office or workshop at 5:30 p.m. one night.
You can just stand up and answer all their questions and talk to them about everything you’d say, the same things you say to every single person who applied.

It’s a big benefit in that, it saves you lots and lots of time and you quickly understand or realise which ones are good and not good as well. Then the ones that are good stand out which will probably end up being like one, two, or three, and then you’ll look at their resumes and call them up and invite them back in. So there’s huge value, can’t recommend it more highly, use a group interview it’s just fantastic. Hope that’s a great tip that’ll help you. See you then.

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