Recruiting – Questionnaires? Better employees!

Recruiting Better Employees – Ask A Lot Of Questions

I’ve got another recruiting tip for you, following on from the last one. This tip I find really helps you understand the candidate… better than you would otherwise.   I usually like to use it in the case where you’re doing a group interview, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be beforehand or after, or just even if it’s a one-on-one candidate of application.

It is having a questionnaire, or having something that you get the candidate to feel out, and make him do some work. That’s the basis of it, to make him do some work so you can really dig in and find out more about them:

  • why they’re leaving their last job?
  • what’s the sort of work they like?
  • why they’re applying?
  • why they’re a good fit for your business?

which means they have to go and do some homework, and look at your website and understand more about it.

Candidates Revealing Themselves

They could look at all your social media, and even to a greater extent find some of your suppliers or customers if they’re that motivated. But having a questionnaire that they have to fill out means that you can get much more information about them so you can ask a lot of questions and make them do some work, give them a bit of a hurdle that means that they’ve got to do something rather than just applying.  This is a great one, especially for lower level employees.

For example, trades or apprentices or admin staff and positions like that. So that’s my tip, make sure you have a questionnaire, you make them fill it out, they do it in handwriting, so you can actually see if they can write, you can see if they can spell. You can see how long it takes them. Do they use lots of words? Do they use few words, because different roles will require some of those skills. 

I hope that’s a good tip for you. If you need an example of a questionnaire, I can probably help you out there. But even if you just make it up yourself, that is also certainly okay. Develop a questionnaire for when you’re recruiting and use that before you do the final interview.

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